Book Reviews

AuthorBook TitleReview added on
Christopher BrookmyreThe Cracked Mirror23 July, 2024
S. B. CavesHoneycomb11 July, 2024
Nev FountainThe Fan Who Knew Too Much 06 July, 2024
Dann McDormanWest Heart Kill30 June, 2024
Jack JordanRedemption24 June, 2024
Martin WalkerA Grave in the Woods14 June, 2024
Joachim SchmidtKalman and the Sleeping Mountain06 June, 2024
Stephen KingYou Like It Darker27 May, 2024
Don WinslowCity in Ruins22 May, 2024
Harlan CobenThink Twice22 May, 2024
Nikki SmithThe Guests21 May, 2024
Ruth WareOne Perfect Couple20 May, 2024
Dennis LehaneSmall Mercies 19 May, 2024
Peter SwansonA Talent for Murder 17 May, 2024
Ben PastorThe Venus of Salò16 May, 2024
John ConnollyThe Instruments of Darkness 20 April, 2024
Ajay ChowdhuryThe Spy16 April, 2024
Graham BartlettCity On Fire 04 March, 2024
Nicci FrenchHas Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?29 February, 2024
Seicho MatsumotoInspector Imanishi Investigates18 February, 2024
Jenny HollanderEveryone Who Can Forgive Me is Dead18 February, 2024
David Brierley Budapest Hand17 February, 2024
Emma ChristieIn Her Shadow15 February, 2024
Tina BakerWhat We Did in The Storm14 February, 2024
Angie KimHappiness Falls 14 February, 2024
Ashley TateTwenty-Seven Minutes 12 February, 2024
Justin ScottThe Sister Queens01 February, 2024
Dean KoontzThe Bad Weather Friend01 February, 2024
Nick BorehamJurymen May Dine31 January, 2024
Tim SullivanThe Teacher31 January, 2024
Tom HindleMurder on Lake Garda 27 January, 2024
Chester Himes The Essential Harlem Detectives 25 January, 2024
Tom BaragwanathPaper Cage 25 January, 2024
Jessica BullMiss Austen Investigates25 January, 2024
Alice McIlroyThe Glass Woman 19 January, 2024
Oskar JensenHelle & Death18 January, 2024
Louise WelshTo The Dogs18 January, 2024
Seicho MatsumotoPoint Zero 16 January, 2024
Ashley ElstonFirst Lie Wins 13 January, 2024
James PattersonHolmes, Margaret and Poe12 January, 2024
Paul VidichBeirut Station 22 December, 2023
Patricia CornwellUnnatural Death15 December, 2023
Nicola UpsonShot with Crimson15 December, 2023
Antti TuomainenThe Beaver Theory15 December, 2023
Clifford WittingThe Case of the Michaelmas Goose30 November, 2023
Donna MooreThe Unpicking29 November, 2023
Tom MeadThe Murder Wheel29 November, 2023
Frederick ForsythThe Shepherd29 November, 2023
Terry HayesThe Year of the Locust16 November, 2023
Femi Kayode Gaslight09 November, 2023
Lee GoldbergCalico03 November, 2023
Lilja Sigurðardóttir White as Snow03 November, 2023
Michael J Malone The Murmurs03 November, 2023
Suk PannuMrs. Sidhu's Dead and Scone12 October, 2023
Paul CleaveHis Favourite Graves05 October, 2023
James EllroyThe Enchanters21 September, 2023
Christopher FowlerWord Monkey18 September, 2023
Stephen KingHolly18 September, 2023
Tony ParsonsWho She Was14 September, 2023
Georges SimenonMaigret and the Headless Corpse13 September, 2023
Gareth RubinThe Turnglass08 September, 2023
Gunnar StaalesenMirror Image31 August, 2023
Jordan Harper Everybody Knows28 August, 2023
Susan IsaacsBad, Bad Seymour Brown28 August, 2023
Robert GoddardThe Fine Art of Uncanny Prediction17 August, 2023
Davis GrubbThe Night of the Hunter15 August, 2023
Kia AbdullahThose People Next Door03 August, 2023
Annie TaylorThe Truth About Her22 July, 2023
Julie Mae CohenBad Men20 July, 2023
Simon ToyneThe Clearing20 July, 2023
John le CarréCall for the Dead18 July, 2023
Ruth WareZero Days06 July, 2023
Graham HurleyThe Blood of Others06 July, 2023
Katy WatsonA Very Lively Murder06 July, 2023
Karin SlaughterAfter That Night29 June, 2023
Jack JordanConviction23 June, 2023
Sam LloydThe People Watcher22 June, 2023
Clémence MichallonThe Quiet Tenant20 June, 2023
Craig RussellThe Devil's Playground14 June, 2023
Heather CritchlowUnsolved 12 June, 2023
Danielle RamsayThe Perfect Husband07 June, 2023
A.A. ChaudhuriThe Final Party 06 June, 2023
Danya KukafkNotes on an Execution 30 May, 2023
Aoife CliffordWhen We Fall 30 May, 2023
S. A. CosbyAll The Sinners Bleed 28 May, 2023
K.J. MaitlandRivers of Treason13 April, 2023
Gilly Macmillan The Fall 11 April, 2023
Dennis LehaneSmall Mercies05 April, 2023
Luke Jennings#PANIC26 March, 2023
Harriet CrawleyThe Translator23 March, 2023
Gill PerdueThe Interview 03 March, 2023
Jonathan KellermanUnnatural History03 March, 2023
Helen FieldsThe Institution03 March, 2023
Elliot SweeneyNext to Die24 February, 2023
Mercedes RosendeThe Hand That Feeds You23 February, 2023
Chris LloydParis Requiem23 February, 2023
Rosemary ShragerThe Proof in the Pudding18 February, 2023
Nick HarkawayTitanium Noir11 February, 2023
Lauren ForryThe Launch Party 06 February, 2023
V. L. ValentineBegars Abbey06 February, 2023
J. M. HallA Pen Dipped in Poison05 February, 2023
Steven PowellLove Me Fierce in Danger: The Life of James Ellroy05 February, 2023
Tom MeadDeath and the Conjuror04 February, 2023
Sam Ripley The Rule of Three03 February, 2023
Tom HindleThe Murder Game02 February, 2023
Charlotte VassellThe Other Half28 January, 2023
M.C. BeatonDeath of a Traitor26 January, 2023
Keigo HigashinoA Death in Tokyo12 January, 2023
John FullertonEmperor27 December, 2022
Katja IvarTrouble13 December, 2022
E C R Lorac Crook o' Lune: A Lancashire Mystery03 December, 2022
Susan ScarlettMurder While You Work03 December, 2022
Lee ChildNo Plan B06 November, 2022
Antony JohnstonThe Patrios Network17 October, 2022
Sara Gran The Book of the Most Precious Substance16 October, 2022
G.J. WilliamsThe Conjuror’s Apprentice 14 October, 2022
Mike RipleyMr Campion's Mosaic04 October, 2022
Peter PapathanasiouThe Invisible28 September, 2022
Elle Connel You Can Stay26 September, 2022
Peter JamesPicture You Dead20 September, 2022
Victor L. WhitechurchMurder At The College02 September, 2022
Victor L. WhitechurchThe Templeton Case: A Detective Story02 September, 2022
Mary FittDeath on Heron's Mere02 September, 2022
Benjamin StevensonEveryone in my Family Has Killed Someone18 August, 2022
Michael BennettBetter The Blood 10 August, 2022
G. R. HallidayUnder The Marsh08 August, 2022
Neil LancasterThe Blood Tide 08 August, 2022
Cate Quinn Blood Sisters08 August, 2022
Cole Haddon Psalms For The End Of The World04 August, 2022
Tom HindleA Fatal Crossing04 August, 2022
John ConnollyThe Furies02 August, 2022
Alice HunterThe Serial Killer’s Daughter30 July, 2022
Clare MackintoshThe Last Party28 July, 2022
Johanna MoThe Shadow Lily27 July, 2022
Holly SeddonThe Woman on the Bridge 27 July, 2022
Katy WatsonThe Three Dahlias21 July, 2022
Steve CavanaghThe Accomplice17 July, 2022
Karin SlaughterGirl, Forgotten07 July, 2022
Emma BamfordDeep Water05 July, 2022
Barry ForshawSimenon: The Man, The Books, The Films28 June, 2022
C L TaylorThe Guilty Couple28 June, 2022
Denise MinaConfidence25 June, 2022
Christopher BrookmyreThe Cliff House 22 June, 2022
Graham BartlettBad for Good20 June, 2022
M W Craven The Botanist20 June, 2022
Deryn LakeDeath on the River Thames14 June, 2022
Julie ClarkThe Lies I Tell14 June, 2022
Lesley ThomsonThe Companion14 June, 2022
Ava GlassAlias Emma13 June, 2022
Jack LutzLondon in Black 02 June, 2022
Patricia MarquesHouse of Silence01 June, 2022
Louise MorrishOperation Moonlight31 May, 2022
Russ ThomasCold Reckoning16 May, 2022
Kotaro IsakaThree Assassins16 May, 2022
Stuart MacBrideNo Less The Devil27 April, 2022
Sharon BoltonThe Dark15 April, 2022
Ben CreedA Traitor’s Heart14 April, 2022
A.K. TurnerLife Sentence09 April, 2022
Laure Van RensburgNobody But Us 05 April, 2022
Lindsey DavisDesperate Undertaking05 April, 2022
Will DeanFirst Born03 April, 2022
Richard O'RaweGoering's Gold03 April, 2022
Caroline MitchellThe Village03 April, 2022
Liz Webb The Daughter03 April, 2022
Jo Harkin Tell Me An Ending 28 March, 2022
Luca VesteYou Never Said Goodbye 13 March, 2022
Freya Berry The Dictator's Wife06 March, 2022
E C R Lorac Post After Post-Mortem: An Oxfordshire Mystery27 February, 2022
Giles KristianWhere Blood Runs Cold24 February, 2022
Robert Harris The Fear Index01 February, 2022
John ConnollyShadow Voices: 300 Years of Irish Genre Fiction01 February, 2022
Sophie HannahThe Couple at the Table27 January, 2022
Tim GlisterA Loyal Traitor 27 January, 2022
John Simpson Our Friends in Beijing24 January, 2022
Sarah BonnerHer Perfect Twin20 January, 2022
Gunnar StaalesenBitter Flowers20 January, 2022
Rosemary ShragerThe Last Supper16 January, 2022
Jacqueline RoyThe Gosling Girl12 January, 2022
M K HillOne Bad Thing12 January, 2022
Jonathan KellermanCity Of The Dead10 January, 2022
Hansjörg SchneiderSilver Pebbles04 January, 2022
Clifford Witting Murder In Blue03 January, 2022
L.T. MeadeEyes of Terror and Other Dark Adventures03 January, 2022
William RyanThe Winter Guest03 January, 2022
Janice HallettThe Twyford Code02 January, 2022
Martina MurphyThe Night Caller29 December, 2021
Dean KoontzQuicksliver26 December, 2021
Theo ClareThe Book Of Sand 20 December, 2021
Imran MahmoodYou Don't Know Me12 December, 2021
Gregory GallowayJust Thieves05 December, 2021
E C R Lorac These Names Make Clues05 December, 2021
Lisa JewellThe Night She Disappeared29 November, 2021
Gilly Macmillan The Long Weekend 15 November, 2021
Garry DisherPeace11 November, 2021
Mark BillinghamRabbit Hole11 November, 2021
Olivier Norek Turf Wars04 November, 2021
Mike RipleyMr Campion's Wings25 October, 2021
Linda L. RichardsEndings 23 October, 2021
Sarah HilaryFragile23 October, 2021
Steve CavanaghThe Devil's Advocate 23 October, 2021
S. Lee Manning Nerve Attack23 October, 2021
Polly Phillips My Best Friend's Murder18 October, 2021
Emma CurtisKeep Her Quiet 17 October, 2021
Tony KentNo Way To Die 17 October, 2021
Leonora NattrassBlack Drop14 October, 2021
Claire McGowanI Know You07 October, 2021
Will MacleanThe Apparition Phase26 September, 2021
Ulrich Alexander BoschwitzThe Passenger 23 September, 2021
Will DeanBad Apples19 September, 2021
Rod ReynoldsBlack Reed Bay 18 September, 2021
Tariq AshkananiWelcome To Cooper18 September, 2021
Lilja Sigurðardóttir Cold As Hell 12 September, 2021
Onyeka NwelueThe Strangers of Braamfontein06 September, 2021
Louise PennyThe Madness of Crowds05 September, 2021
Chris HadfieldThe Apollo Murders04 September, 2021
Leona DeakinHunt03 September, 2021
Alan JonesThe Gathering Storm03 September, 2021
Rod ReynoldsBlack Reed Bay02 September, 2021
Felix FrancisIced31 August, 2021
Paula HawkinsA Slow Fire Burning31 August, 2021
Celia WaldenPayday31 August, 2021
Paul Howarth Dust off the Bones22 August, 2021
Hansjörg SchneiderThe Basel Killings22 August, 2021
Kate MorganMurder: The Biography18 August, 2021
Paul GitshamOut of Sight14 August, 2021
Ruth McIverI Shot the Devil 14 August, 2021
S. A. CosbyRazorblade Tears 08 August, 2021
Alex ShawTraitors26 July, 2021
S.D. SykesThe Good Death24 July, 2021
Daniel ColeMimic24 July, 2021
Peter HaningtonA Cursed Place 22 July, 2021
Simon ConwayThe Saboteur22 July, 2021
Olivia KiernanThe Murder Box 14 July, 2021
John ConnollyThe Nameless Ones13 July, 2021
Elmer MendozaKiss The Detective 12 July, 2021
Kate MorganMurder: The Biography11 July, 2021
Elle Connel Down by the Water 11 July, 2021
Torquil MacLeod Mammon in Malmö10 July, 2021
Ambrose ParryA Corruption of Blood 10 July, 2021
Michael RidpathWriting on Ice10 July, 2021
Mark EdwardsThe Hollows08 July, 2021
Sam LloydThe Rising Tide08 July, 2021
Oliver HarrisAscension01 July, 2021
Sara Gran Come Closer 23 June, 2021
Owen MatthewsRed Traitor 23 June, 2021
Patricia MarquesThe Colours of Death16 June, 2021
Gilly Macmillan To Tell You The Truth15 May, 2021
Sharon BoltonThe Pact07 May, 2021
E C R Lorac Two-Way Murder19 April, 2021
Sarah ArmstrongThe Starlings of Bucharest18 April, 2021
Mike RipleyMr Campion’s Coven 14 April, 2021
Justin Fenton We Own This City11 April, 2021
Jonathan KellermanLost Souls 07 April, 2021
Gustaf SkordemanGeiger 05 April, 2021
Acorn Media InternationalMidsomer Murders The Complete Series Twenty One05 April, 2021
Kevin WignallThose Who Disappeared 04 April, 2021
Barbara CopperthwaiteThe Girl in the Missing Poster01 April, 2021
V. L. ValentineThe Plague Letters01 April, 2021
Guillermo ArriagaThe Untameable27 March, 2021
Simon ScarrowBlackout25 March, 2021
Ben Aaronovitch What Abigail Did That Summer24 March, 2021
Helen FieldsThe Shadow Man21 March, 2021
Abi SilverThe Rapunzel Act 14 March, 2021
Alison Belsham The Embalmer06 March, 2021
Simone BuchholzHotel Cartagena05 March, 2021
Melissa GinsburgThe House Uptown 28 February, 2021
Sergio OlguinThe Foreign Girls26 February, 2021
Gianrico CarofiglioThe Measure of Time26 February, 2021
Joel DickerThe Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer 19 February, 2021
Heidi PerksThe Whispers18 February, 2021
Jonathan KellermanSerpentine17 February, 2021
John FullertonSpy Game16 February, 2021
Robert GoddardThe Fine Art of Invisible Detection14 February, 2021
Paul HerronBreakout09 February, 2021
Nap LombardMurder's A Swine07 February, 2021
Catriona Ward The Last House on Needless Street05 February, 2021
Tim GlisterRed Corona 04 February, 2021
Joshua HoodThe Treadstone Exile03 February, 2021
Sergio OlguinThe Foreign Girls01 February, 2021
Deborah MassonOut for Blood01 February, 2021
Derek B. MillerRadio Life26 January, 2021
Susi HollidayThe Last Resort20 January, 2021
Rory ClementsA Prince and a Spy18 January, 2021
Femi Kayode The Lightseekers18 January, 2021
Liz Nugent Our Little Cruelties06 January, 2021
Laura Shepherd Robinson Daughters of the Night 03 January, 2021
Mick HerronSlough House03 January, 2021
Will DeanThe Last Thing to Burn 02 January, 2021
Quintin JardineThe Roots of Evil28 November, 2020
Lee ChildThe Sentinel22 November, 2020
Brad TaylorHunter Killer21 November, 2020
Ian Patrick Fools Gold 21 November, 2020
Josephine BellThe Port of London Murders16 November, 2020
Ilaria TutiThe Man In The Woods16 November, 2020
George BellairsHe'd Rather Be Dead16 November, 2020
Andy McDermottOperative 66 11 November, 2020
Nikki SmithAll In Her Head11 November, 2020
Amanda LeesThe Dictionary of Crime11 November, 2020
Alyssa Cole When No One Is Watching 29 October, 2020
Clifford Witting Catt Out Of The Bag 26 October, 2020
Heather MartinThe Reacher Guy25 October, 2020
Simon KernickKill A Stranger23 October, 2020
S. Lee Manning Trojan Horse16 October, 2020
Mercedes RosendeCrocodile Tears12 October, 2020
Jeffrey Archer Hidden in Plain Sight05 October, 2020
Leah KonenOne White Lie01 October, 2020
Claire McGowanThe Push30 September, 2020
Amazon PrimeAnimal Kingdom28 September, 2020
Samantha DowningHe Started It27 September, 2020
Adam Bregman Angelino Heights23 September, 2020
Emma RowleyYou Can Trust Me22 September, 2020
Alan FurstUnder Occupation 21 September, 2020
S R WhiteHermit15 September, 2020
James Lee BurkeA Private Cathedral 03 September, 2020
Steve CavanaghFifty-Fifty03 September, 2020
Lawrence OsborneThe Glass Kingdom24 August, 2020
John BudeBritish Library Crime Classics24 August, 2020
James Lee BurkeA Private Cathedral24 August, 2020
David KlassOut of Time24 August, 2020
Simon MayoKnife Edge20 August, 2020
Julia HeaberlinWe Are All the Same in the Dark 20 August, 2020
E C R Lorac Checkmate to Murder11 August, 2020
Alex Pavesi Eight Detectives11 August, 2020
Laurie R. KingRiviera Gold10 August, 2020
Martin WalkerA Shooting at Chateau Rock10 August, 2020
Sara SheridanHighland Fling10 August, 2020
Denise MinaThe Less Dead10 August, 2020
Nicci FrenchHouse of Correction05 August, 2020
Agnes RavatnThe Seven Doors05 August, 2020
Emma CurtisKeep Her Quiet 04 August, 2020
Chris LloydThe Unwanted Dead04 August, 2020
Philip KerrHitler's Peace31 July, 2020
Jessica Barry Don't Turn Around 30 July, 2020
Caz FrearShed No Tears29 July, 2020
Gabriel BergmoserThe Hunted27 July, 2020
Shari LapenaThe End of Her27 July, 2020
Gillian McAllisterHow To Disappear25 July, 2020
Yrsa SigurdardottirGallows Rock23 July, 2020
Nicola WhiteA Famished Heart 16 July, 2020
John ConnollyThe Dirty South15 July, 2020
Sabine DurrantFinders, Keepers10 July, 2020
TW EllisA Knock At The Door10 July, 2020
Kat EllisHarrow Lake09 July, 2020
Alexis SchaitkinSaint X07 July, 2020
David GilmanThe Englishman07 July, 2020
Carol CarnacCrossed Skis: An Alpine Mystery06 July, 2020
George BellairsDeath Stops The Frolic06 July, 2020
Nicci FrenchHouse of Correction 05 July, 2020
Doug JohnstoneThe Big Chill 04 July, 2020
Karen RobardsThe Black Swan of Paris30 June, 2020
A.J. ParkThe First Lie25 June, 2020
S. A. CosbyBlacktop Wasteland24 June, 2020
Scott TurowThe Last Trial 16 June, 2020
Rod ReynoldsBlood Red City11 June, 2020
M.J. ArlidgeAll Fall Down 11 June, 2020
David JacksonThe Resident11 June, 2020
T M Logan The Catch 11 June, 2020
M W Craven The Curator11 June, 2020
Rebecca KauffmanThe House on Fripp Island06 June, 2020
Eric Van LustbaderThe Nemesis Manifesto04 June, 2020
Adam SouthwardTrance02 June, 2020
Craig RobertsonWatch Him Die02 June, 2020
Tom BradbyDouble Agent28 May, 2020
John GrishamCamino Wind28 May, 2020
Jane Corry I Made A Mistake 28 May, 2020
Karen HamiltonThe Last Wife20 May, 2020
Hazel Barkworth. Heatstroke 08 May, 2020
David PeaceTokyo Redux 07 May, 2020
Iain MaitlandThe Scribbler07 May, 2020
Mike RipleyMr Campion's Séance03 May, 2020
Samantha DowningHe Started It30 April, 2020
Candy DenhamWhen Love Lies Bleeding 21 April, 2020
Jennifer HillierLittle Secrets19 April, 2020
James SwallowRogue18 April, 2020
Tim WeaverNo One Home18 April, 2020
Harlan CobenThe Boy From The Woods14 April, 2020
Julia Chapman Date With Danger14 April, 2020
Lesley ThomsonDeath of a Mermaid 13 April, 2020
Judith O'ReillyCurse The Day 11 April, 2020
Elizabeth KaySeven Lies 09 April, 2020
Katja IvarDeep As Death07 April, 2020
S.J. BoltonThe Split07 April, 2020
Andrew TaylorThe Last Protector 06 April, 2020
John LawtonHammer to Fall06 April, 2020
Martin EdwardsMortmain Hall06 April, 2020
Serge JoncourWild Dog06 April, 2020
Lindsey DavisThe Grove of the Caesars 05 April, 2020
C L TaylorStrangers02 April, 2020
Chris WhitakerWe Begin at the End02 April, 2020
Jacob RossBlack Rain Falling02 April, 2020
Tom BoumanThe Bramble and the Rose02 April, 2020
S L Mcinnis Framed 02 April, 2020
Sheena KamalNo Going Back29 March, 2020
M.R. HallThe Black Art of Killing 29 March, 2020
Mai JaiThe Message28 March, 2020
Mark GriffinWhen Angels Sleep26 March, 2020
Tony BassettThe Lazarus Charter23 March, 2020
Donna LeonTrace Elements23 March, 2020
Wendy Walker The Night Before22 March, 2020
Rachel AbottThe Murder Game22 March, 2020
Michael Farris SmithBlackwood20 March, 2020
Ben Aaronovitch False Value20 March, 2020
Garry DisherBitter Wash Road19 March, 2020
Kathy ReichsA Conspiracy of Bones17 March, 2020
Mel SherrattLiar Liar16 March, 2020
Joe ThomasBent16 March, 2020
Alex Urban The Kingfisher Secret16 March, 2020
Brian CliffIrish Crime Fiction16 March, 2020
Netflix TV streamingQueen Sono16 March, 2020
Netflix TV streamingLost Girls16 March, 2020
Mark HodderSexton Blake and The Great War 12 March, 2020
James GoodhandLast Lesson 12 March, 2020
Rebecca FleetThe Second Wife11 March, 2020
Jean-Luc BannalecThe Killing Tide10 March, 2020
Alan ParksBobby March Will Live Forever10 March, 2020
Lynda La PlanteBuried10 March, 2020
Mark TimlinSpencer Confidential09 March, 2020
C.J. BoxLong Range09 March, 2020
Nell Pattinson The Silent House08 March, 2020
Ruth ManciniOne Dark, Two Light07 March, 2020
Peter LoveseyKilling with Confetti05 March, 2020
Scott Phillips That Left Turn at Albuquerque05 March, 2020
Ren RichardsThe Broken Ones05 March, 2020
Kathryn HarkupDeath by Shakespeare 03 March, 2020
Maggie HamandVirgin and Child03 March, 2020
Jason PinterHide Away01 March, 2020
Lucy FoleyThe Guest List 27 February, 2020
Sam LloydThe Memory Wood21 February, 2020
Peter SwansonRules For Perfect Murders21 February, 2020
K FerrariLike Flies From Afar20 February, 2020
Meg and Tom KeneallyThe Power Game20 February, 2020
Stephanie WrobelThe Recovery of Rose Gold18 February, 2020
J P CarterLittle Boy Lost 16 February, 2020
Nicola MartinDead Ringer15 February, 2020
Steph ChaYour House Will Pay12 February, 2020
Heather ChavezNo Bad Deed07 February, 2020
Mi-ae SeoThe Only Child06 February, 2020
Elly GriffithsThe Lantern Men06 February, 2020
Tony KentPower Play04 February, 2020
A.D. MillerIndependence Square 31 January, 2020
Klaus-Peter Wolf The Oath31 January, 2020
Jane ShemiltLittle Friends30 January, 2020
Tom HuntOne Fatal Mistake 29 January, 2020
Tom HuntOne Fatal Mistake 28 January, 2020
Susan IssacsTakes One to Know One28 January, 2020
C.C. MacDonaldHappy Ever After23 January, 2020
Vanessa SavageThe Woods23 January, 2020
Stephen LeatherThe Runner23 January, 2020
Katerina DiamondWoman in the Water23 January, 2020
Will ShindlerThe Burning Men22 January, 2020
Michael PakenhamThe Telephone Call22 January, 2020
C.C. MacDonaldHappy Ever After21 January, 2020
Janet RogerShamus Dust20 January, 2020
Peter TempleThe Red Hand17 January, 2020
Ani KatzA Good Man16 January, 2020
Riku OndaThe Aosawa Murders15 January, 2020
Rennie AirthThe Decent Inn of Death 14 January, 2020
Liz MooreLong Bright River09 January, 2020
Lesley KaraWho Did You Tell?07 January, 2020
H C WarnerShe 06 January, 2020
Amy HeydenrychThe Pact 02 January, 2020
J S MonroeThe Other You02 January, 2020
Helen Sedgwick When The Dead Come Calling27 December, 2019
Ben H WintersGolden State26 December, 2019
Brian Falkner Cassie Clark: Outlaw21 December, 2019
Nicola Moriarty The Ex-Girlfriend 19 December, 2019
Nalini SinghA Madness of Sunshine18 December, 2019
Gregg HurwitzInto The Fire18 December, 2019
M.C. BeatonBeating About The Bush 13 December, 2019
Marion Brunet Summer of Reckoning 13 December, 2019
Jeff LindsayJust Watch Me12 December, 2019
Mark TimlinReap The Whirlwind 10 December, 2019
Sherryl Clark Trust Me I'm Dead08 December, 2019
Seishi YokomizoThe Honjin Murders05 December, 2019
Michael JecksRebellion’s Message 05 December, 2019
Tom HuntA Killer Choice04 December, 2019
Deborah MassonHold Your Tongue04 December, 2019
Paul CharlesDeparting Shadows02 December, 2019
Lilja Sigurðardóttir Cage 01 December, 2019
Robert JeffreysMan at the Window01 December, 2019
Mark McCrumThe Festival Murders29 November, 2019
Simon KernickDie Alone29 November, 2019
John SandfordBloody Genius28 November, 2019
Mads Peder NordboCold Fear28 November, 2019
Nathan BlackwellThe Sound Of Her Voice28 November, 2019
Humphrey HawksleyMan On Edge26 November, 2019
Rob Hart The Warehouse26 November, 2019
Chuck WendigWanderers26 November, 2019
Howard LinskeyAlice Teale is Missing 25 November, 2019
Lee ChildBlue Moon24 November, 2019
Sally Spencer The Shivering Turn 18 November, 2019
Max Allan CollinsKilling Quarry 13 November, 2019
Niki MackayThe Lies We Tell12 November, 2019
Lauren NorthThe Perfect Betrayal12 November, 2019
Stephen O'RoukeThe Crown Agent 11 November, 2019
Simon BeckettThe Scent of Death11 November, 2019
Mark Dawson The Vault 03 November, 2019
Owen MatthewsBlack Sun03 November, 2019
Mark EllisA Death in Mayfair 25 October, 2019
Will CarverNothing Important Happend25 October, 2019
Christopher FowlerBryant & May – England’s Finest: (Short Stories)25 October, 2019
SJI HollidayViolet23 October, 2019
Martina ColeNo Mercy20 October, 2019
Barry ForshawCrime Fiction: A Reader's Guide19 October, 2019
Bella Ellis The Vanished Bride19 October, 2019
Scott Mariani House of War17 October, 2019
Robert GoddardOne False Move15 October, 2019
Mason CrossWhat She Saw Last Night14 October, 2019
Miller ArmstrongUnbelievable14 October, 2019
A.S. HatchThis Little Dark Place07 October, 2019
Joyce Carol OatesPursuit07 October, 2019
Susan HillThe Benefit of Hindsight03 October, 2019
Louisa de LangeAsk Me No Questions03 October, 2019
John MeadGeraldine03 October, 2019
Humphrey HawksleyMan On Ice03 October, 2019
Nicola RaynerThe Girl Before You 30 September, 2019
Claire Askew What You Pay For 30 September, 2019
Daniel ColeEndgame 29 September, 2019
Kim Un-suThe Plotters29 September, 2019
Peter GadolThe Stranger Game29 September, 2019
Rob ParkerThe Penny Black21 September, 2019
Claire GradidgeThe Unexpected Return of Josephine Fox20 September, 2019
Robert ScraggNothing Else Remains20 September, 2019
Niki MacKayThe Lies We Tell 20 September, 2019
Parker BilalThe Divinities20 September, 2019
Michael J Malone In The Absence of Miracles 19 September, 2019
Lisa JacksonParanoid18 September, 2019
James SallisSarah Jane16 September, 2019
Sarah LotzMissing Person14 September, 2019
Andreas NormanThe Silent War13 September, 2019
Danuta Kot Life Ruins11 September, 2019
Catherine Ryan HowardRewind 09 September, 2019
Peter RobinsonMany Rivers to Cross09 September, 2019
Attica LockeHeaven, My Home05 September, 2019
Joe ThomasPlayboy 05 September, 2019
Lara PrescottThe Secrets We Kept05 September, 2019
Mark Hill The Bad Place03 September, 2019
Chris SimmsLoose Tongues02 September, 2019
Michael RobothamGood Girl Bad Girl 02 September, 2019
Linwood BarclayElevator Pitch01 September, 2019
Tony MedawarMurder She Said28 August, 2019
Ambrose ParryThe Art Of Dying28 August, 2019
Nicola RaynerThe Girl Before You27 August, 2019
Ann CleevesThe Long Call27 August, 2019
Gareth RubinLiberation Square26 August, 2019
Kate EllisDead Man's Lane23 August, 2019
George BellairsSurfeit of Suspects 22 August, 2019
Anthony BoucherRocket to the Morgue22 August, 2019
Alec MarshRule Britannia22 August, 2019
Asia MackayThe Nursery 20 August, 2019
Oliver BottiniThe Dance of Death 19 August, 2019
Lisa JacksonWilling to Die 12 August, 2019
Sam HurcomShadow of the Lens12 August, 2019
M.T EdvardssonA Nearly Normal Family 10 August, 2019
Leona DeakinGone09 August, 2019
Hugh MontgomeryControl08 August, 2019
Douglas LindsayThe Art of Dying07 August, 2019
E C R Lorac Fell Murder06 August, 2019
John Dickson CarrHag's Nook06 August, 2019
C.J. BoxThe Bitterroots 05 August, 2019
Lynda La PlanteThe Dirty Dozen 02 August, 2019
Claire McGowanWhat You Did01 August, 2019
Andrew MartinThe Winker01 August, 2019
Dov AflonA Long Night in Paris 01 August, 2019
Phoebe LockeThe July Girls26 July, 2019
George AlagiahThe Burning Land25 July, 2019
John FullertonThe Reticent Executioner24 July, 2019
Trevor Mark ThomasThe Bothy23 July, 2019
J P CarterAt Your Door21 July, 2019
Angela ClarkeOn My Life 21 July, 2019
Joseph Knox The Sleepwalker11 July, 2019
Tom ChatfieldThis is Gomorrah11 July, 2019
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Roz WatkinsDead Man's Daughter 30 June, 2019
Sheena KamalIt All Falls Downs28 June, 2019
Roger Jon ElloryThree Bullets27 June, 2019
Adrian McKintyThe Chain26 June, 2019
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M W Craven Black Summer24 June, 2019
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Haylen Beck Lost You23 June, 2019
Sergio OlguinThe Fragility of Bodies 23 June, 2019
Mike RipleyMr Campion's Visit23 June, 2019
Sarah HilaryNever Be Broken 23 June, 2019
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E C R Lorac Murder In The Mill-Race16 June, 2019
Cecily GayfordMurder in Midsummer 16 June, 2019
Robert PobiCity of Windows16 June, 2019
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Simon BrettThe Liar in the Library06 June, 2019
Caro RamsayThe Suffering of Strangers 06 June, 2019
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Ian SansomThe Sussex Murder (the county guides)05 June, 2019
Nicholas SearleA Fatal Game05 June, 2019
Gareth RubinLiberation Square 03 June, 2019
Gilly Macmillan The Nanny03 June, 2019
Sujata MasseyThe Satapur Moonstone 31 May, 2019
Oyinkan BraithwaiteMy Sister, The Serial Killer30 May, 2019
John MarrsThe Passengers30 May, 2019
Vicky NewhamOut of the Ashes30 May, 2019
Tom BradbySecret Service30 May, 2019
Louis GreenbergGreen Valley29 May, 2019
Edward Wilson South Atlantic Requiem27 May, 2019
Kaite Welsh The Unquiet Heart27 May, 2019
Camilla GrebeAfter She's Gone 27 May, 2019
Alice FeeneyI Know Who You Are27 May, 2019
Paul FinchStolen 24 May, 2019
Kaira RoudaFavourite Daughter 24 May, 2019
Jem TugwellProximity 23 May, 2019
David JacksonYour Deepest Fear22 May, 2019
Jaqueline WinspearThe America Agent 20 May, 2019
Lisa GardnerNever Tell 19 May, 2019
Denise MinaConviction16 May, 2019
Thomas HarrisCari Mora16 May, 2019
William ShawDeadland 16 May, 2019
Casey CepFurious Hours16 May, 2019
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Rafael Bernal The Mongolian Conspiracy02 May, 2019
Tony Parsons#Taken 29 April, 2019
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J M AlveyShadows of Athens05 March, 2019
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Khurrum RahmanHome Grown Hero25 February, 2019
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E C R Lorac Murder By Matchlught12 January, 2019
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Lizzy BarberMy Name is Anna07 January, 2019
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M.J. McGrathThe Guilty Party 04 January, 2019
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RJ BaileyWinner Kills All 02 January, 2019
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Baroness OrczyThe Teahouse Detective31 December, 2018
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Anonymous ?The Kingfisher Secret10 November, 2018
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Richard AndersonRetribution09 August, 2018
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Peter LoveseyBeau Death09 August, 2018
Megan AbbottGive Me Your Hand 06 August, 2018
Freeman Willis Crofts The Pit-Prop Syndicate06 August, 2018
Susan GrosseyFiath, Hope, Trickery06 August, 2018
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Tim WillocksMemo from Turner02 August, 2018
Sarah Bailey The Dark Lake02 August, 2018
Paul Collins Blood & Ivy01 August, 2018
Nicolas ObregonSins as Scarlet27 July, 2018
Anthony QuinnOur Friends in Berlin27 July, 2018
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Lesley Kelly Songs by Dead Girls 21 May, 2018
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Baron BirtcherFistful of Rain07 May, 2018
Steve CavanaghThirteen07 May, 2018
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John Marley Godsend20 April, 2018
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Max Manning Now You See03 April, 2018
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Roberto SavianoGomorrah Season III20 March, 2018
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Danya KukafkGirl in Snow08 March, 2018
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Mari HannahThe Lost03 March, 2018
Belinda BauerSnap03 March, 2018
James Wolff Beside the Syrian Sea28 February, 2018
Luca VesteThe Bone Keeper26 February, 2018
Anita WallerCaptor22 February, 2018
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Oliver BottiniZen and the Art of Murder29 January, 2018
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Dirk KurbjuweitFear25 January, 2018
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David MarkScorched Earth17 January, 2018
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Steve CavanaghThe Liar17 January, 2018
Eva DolanThis Is How It Ends17 January, 2018
Peter MayI'll Keep You Safe 16 January, 2018
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Judith CutlerHead Count07 January, 2018
Sarah VaughanAnatomy of a Scandal 04 January, 2018
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Jenny QuintanaThe Missing Girl30 December, 2017
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Emily ElgarIf You Knew Her18 December, 2017
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Brenda NovakHello Again 18 December, 2017
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Andy McNabLine of Fire09 December, 2017
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Nicci FrenchSunday Morning Coming Down13 July, 2017
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Andrew MartinSoot29 June, 2017
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James Henry Frost at Midnight07 June, 2017
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Ben PastorThe Road to Ithaca20 February, 2017
David MarkCruel Mercy19 February, 2017
Sheena KamalEyes Like Mine18 February, 2017
B.A. ParisThe Breakdown18 February, 2017
Aga LesiewiczExposure16 February, 2017
Mandasue HellerRun14 February, 2017
Thomas MogfordA Thousand Cuts13 February, 2017
James OswaldWritten in Bones13 February, 2017
Marc ElsbergBlackout09 February, 2017
Lisa GardnerRight Behind You09 February, 2017
John HartRedemption Road09 February, 2017
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Joanne Harris Different Class05 February, 2017
JP DelaneyThe Girl Before01 February, 2017
Robert RyanThe Sign of Fear30 January, 2017
Daniel ColeRagdoll28 January, 2017
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L A LarkinDevour26 January, 2017
Scott ReardonThe Prometheus Man26 January, 2017
Helen FieldsPerfect Remains19 January, 2017
Stephenie MeyerThe Chemist19 January, 2017
Adrian McKintyPolice at the station and they don't look friendly19 January, 2017
Julia CrouchHer Husband's Lover17 January, 2017
Angela ClarkeWatch Me17 January, 2017
Hollie OvertonBaby Doll12 January, 2017
Helen FieldsPerfect Remains12 January, 2017
RJ BaileySafe From Harm12 January, 2017
A A DhandStreets of Darkness12 January, 2017
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Peter MayCast Iron12 January, 2017
Simon KernickThe Bone Field 09 January, 2017
Ann CleevesCold Earth09 January, 2017
Nadia DalbuonoThe Hit 09 January, 2017
Emma FlintLittle Deaths06 January, 2017
Steph BroadribbDead Down Dead05 January, 2017
Gregg HurwitzThe Nowhere Man05 January, 2017
Alan GlynnParadime 04 January, 2017
Stav SherezThe Intrusions02 January, 2017
Barbra LeslieRehab Run02 January, 2017
George BellairsDeath Of A Busybody02 January, 2017
Samuel BjorkI'm Travelling Alone29 December, 2016
Mario GiordanoAuntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions23 December, 2016
Andrew CartmelThe Vinyl Detective23 December, 2016
Adam NevillUnder A Watchful Eye 22 December, 2016
Federico AxatKill The Next One 21 December, 2016
Chris CarterThe Caller21 December, 2016
Erica FerencikThe River At Night20 December, 2016
Christoffer CarlssonThe Falling Detective20 December, 2016
Flynn BerryUnder The Harrow17 December, 2016
Alex BarclayThe Drowning Child16 December, 2016
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Lisa CuttsMercy Killing12 December, 2016
Elly GriffithsThe Blood Card 11 December, 2016
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Sue GraftonX07 December, 2016
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Lucy DawsonYou Sent Me a Letter24 November, 2016
Lori RoyLet Me Die in His Footsteps24 November, 2016
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Volker KutscherBabylon Berlin23 November, 2016
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Tessa Harris Secrets In The Stones21 November, 2016
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David Sindall Snatched11 November, 2016
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Mari HannahGallows Drop07 November, 2016
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Bernard MinierDon’t Turn Out the Lights03 November, 2016
Jenny BlackhurstBefore I Let You In03 November, 2016
Lee ChildNight School31 October, 2016
Jock SerongThe Rules of Backyard Cricket28 October, 2016
Stuart DouglasThe Counterfeit Detective [Sherlock Holmes]28 October, 2016
Steinar BragiThe Ice Lands27 October, 2016
Carl HiaasenRazor Girl27 October, 2016
Martina ColeBetrayal27 October, 2016
Cath StancliffeThe Silence Between Breaths25 October, 2016
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John RowlandCalamity in Kent19 October, 2016
Tony BlackSummoning the Dead 19 October, 2016
Annie HauxwellHouse of Bones17 October, 2016
Mohanalakshmi RajakumarNo Place For Women17 October, 2016
Michael MaloneA Suitable Lie 13 October, 2016
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Caimh McDonnell A Man With One of Those Faces 09 October, 2016
Joakim ZanderThe Brother06 October, 2016
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Matthew FrankBetween The Crosses03 October, 2016
Jo SpainBeneath The Surface03 October, 2016
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Harlan CobenHome02 October, 2016
Ray BerardInside the Black Horse29 September, 2016
Luca VesteThen She Was Gone29 September, 2016
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Ray CelstinDead Man's Blues09 August, 2016
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Frank McAuliffeOf All The Bloody Cheek12 July, 2016
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Stuart NevilleSo Say The Fallen07 July, 2016
Brian FreemanGoodbye to the Dead07 July, 2016
John SweeneyCold06 July, 2016
James Henry Blackwater05 July, 2016
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Vaseem KhanThe Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown03 July, 2016
William SuttonLawless & the Flowers of Sin01 July, 2016
Kate RhodesBlood Symmetry30 June, 2016
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Erik Storey Nothing Short of Dying31 May, 2016
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Conor O’CallaghanNothing on Earth23 May, 2016
Victoria [V.H.] LeslieBodies of Water23 May, 2016
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D.A. Mishani The Man Who Wanted To Know 10 May, 2016
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Joyce Carol OatesThe Doll Master & Other Tales of Terror 05 May, 2016
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Elizabeth Wilson She Died Young 11 March, 2016
Yusuf ToropovJihadi: a Love Story 10 March, 2016
Claire McGowanA Savage Hunger10 March, 2016
Bernard MinierA Song For Drowned Souls09 March, 2016
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SUSIE STEINERMissing Presumed08 March, 2016
Lloyd ShepherdThe Detective and the Devil08 March, 2016
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Leigh RussellJourney to Death 22 February, 2016
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Samuel Bjørk I’m Travelling Alone 01 February, 2016
Anna SmithRough Cut01 February, 2016
Antonio ManziniBlack Run28 January, 2016
Stuart PrebbleThe Insect Farm 28 January, 2016
Eva DolanTell No Tales28 January, 2016
Neely Tucker Murder, D.C.27 January, 2016
Acorn MediaAnd Then There Were None (DVD)27 January, 2016
David MarkDead Pretty27 January, 2016
James Donovan Strangers on a Bridge21 January, 2016
Keith JacobsenSisters of Fury20 January, 2016
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Claudia PiñeiroBetty Boo 12 January, 2016
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Haken NesserA Summer with Kim Novak 11 January, 2016
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Arrow FilmsArne Dahl: The Complete Second Season. 11 January, 2016
David McCallumOnce a Crooked Man03 January, 2016
Kevin WignallA Death in Sweden03 January, 2016
Joseph FinderThe Fixer03 January, 2016
Gerald SeymourNo Mortal Thing03 January, 2016
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Sophie HannahA Game For All The Family31 December, 2015
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Brian Panowich Bull Mountain21 December, 2015
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Torkil DamhaugMedusa15 October, 2015
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Arrow FilmsEdgar Allan Poe's Black Cats08 October, 2015
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David LagercrantzThe Girl in the Spider's Web22 September, 2015
Agatha ChristieLittle Grey Cells: The Quotable Poirot21 September, 2015
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Michel BussiAfter the Crash14 September, 2015
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Ava MarshUntouchable14 September, 2015
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Ann CleevesThe Moth Catcher10 September, 2015
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Anne RandallSilenced03 September, 2015
S.L. GreyUnder Ground03 September, 2015
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Mark RobertsBlood Mist03 September, 2015
Paula DalyThe Mistake I Made03 September, 2015
Gilly Macmillan Burnt Paper Sky28 August, 2015
Chris HolmThe Killing Kind27 August, 2015
Bonnie MacBirdArt in the Blood27 August, 2015
Mary Higgins ClarkThe Cinderella Murder24 August, 2015
Jax MillerFreedom Child24 August, 2015
Cay RademacherThe Murderer in Ruins24 August, 2015
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Sophie HannahA Game For All the Family24 August, 2015
J.B. TurnerHard Wired12 August, 2015
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Ann GrangerDead in the Water21 July, 2015
Tim WeaverWhat Remains16 July, 2015
Guy SavilleThe Madagaskar Plan16 July, 2015
Sinéad CrowleyAre you Watching Me?13 July, 2015
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Stuart NevilleThose We Left Behind28 June, 2015
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Arrow FilmsThe Spider15 June, 2015
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Arrow FilmsRetaliation08 May, 2015
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Martin EdwardsTruly Criminal05 May, 2015
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Arrow FilmsFog and Crimes Season 227 April, 2015
T.R. RichmondWhat She Left23 April, 2015
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Attica LockePleasantville16 April, 2015
Marcus DalrympleKilling Time11 April, 2015
Cilla and Rolf BorjlindThird Voice09 April, 2015
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Judith CutlerDeath in Elysium19 February, 2015
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Lisa UngerCrazy Love You13 February, 2015
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Owen LaukkanenKill Fee05 February, 2015
Becky MastermanFear the Darkness05 February, 2015
Michael RidpathSea of Stone02 February, 2015
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Patrick HansenFadeout15 January, 2015
Paula HawkinsThe Girl on the Train15 January, 2015
Adrian McKintyGun Street Girl13 January, 2015
Eva DolanTell No Tales08 January, 2015
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Belinda BauerThe Facts of Life and Death07 January, 2015
Ferdinand von Schirach The Girl Who Wasn’t There07 January, 2015
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Tess GerritsenDie Again01 January, 2015
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Emily St. John MandelStation Eleven01 January, 2015
Alex BarclayHarm's Reach23 December, 2014
Marc PastorBarcelona Shadows22 December, 2014
Alison GaylinAnd She Was22 December, 2014
Antonin VarenneLoser's Corner19 December, 2014
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T. Jefferson ParkerFull Measure15 December, 2014
J.G. Jurado The Tipping Point11 December, 2014
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Dreda Say MitchellVendetta29 November, 2014
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Leigh RussellRace to Death29 November, 2014
Liza MarklundBorderline29 November, 2014
Tom WoodBetter Off Dead29 November, 2014
Graham HurleySins of the Father28 November, 2014
Lavie Tidhar A Man Lies Dreaming28 November, 2014
Susan WilkinsThe Informant27 November, 2014
Elsebeth Egholm Dead Souls20 November, 2014
C.J. LyonsHollow Bones20 November, 2014
Andrew WilliamsThe Suicide Club20 November, 2014
Hilary BonnerFriends to Die For07 November, 2014
Walter KirnBlood Will Out07 November, 2014
Quintin JardineMathew's Tale23 October, 2014
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M.C. BeatonAgatha Raisin and the Blood of an Englishman16 October, 2014
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David BellGone for Good16 October, 2014
Fergus McNeillCut Out09 October, 2014
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James CarolWatch Me08 October, 2014
Michael BrandmanRobert B. Parker's Damned If You Do 08 October, 2014
Andrew GrantRun08 October, 2014
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Alafair BurkeDead Connection08 October, 2014
Harlan CobenFound08 October, 2014
Lee ChildPersonal08 October, 2014
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S.D. SykesPlague Land25 September, 2014
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Laura McHughThe Weight of Blood21 September, 2014
Mari HannahMonument to Murder21 September, 2014
Luana LewisDont't Stand So Close20 September, 2014
K.T. MedinaWhite Crocodile20 September, 2014
Elisabeth EloNorth of Boston20 September, 2014
James CraigShoot to Kill20 September, 2014
Kathy ReichsBones Never Lie16 September, 2014
Simon BeckettStone Bruises11 September, 2014
Peter RobinsonAbattoir Blues08 September, 2014
Karin FossumThe Murder of Harriet Krohn08 September, 2014
Conor FitzgeraldBitter Remedy04 September, 2014
Alex GrecianThe Devil's Workshop04 September, 2014
Kevin SampsonThe House on the Hill04 September, 2014
Danuta ReahThe Last Room04 September, 2014
John G. BrandonA Scream in Soho04 September, 2014
Paul CharlesThe Lonesome Heart is Angry04 September, 2014
Kanae MinatoConfessions04 September, 2014
D.A. Mishani A Possibility of Violence04 September, 2014
Lloyd ShepherdSavage Magic28 August, 2014
Andrew TaylorThe Silent Boy28 August, 2014
John LawtonThen We Take Berlin26 August, 2014
John SafranMurder In Mississippi21 August, 2014
Mark PearsonThe Killing Season14 August, 2014
Elizabeth LittleDear Daughter14 August, 2014
Malcolm MackayThe Night the Rich Men Burned14 August, 2014
Arnaldur IndridasonStrange Shores14 August, 2014
Karin SlaughterCop Town08 August, 2014
Jo NesboPolice08 August, 2014
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Robert ConstantiniThe Root of All Evil07 August, 2014
Sander JakobsenThe Preacher01 August, 2014
J.B. TurnerHard Kill01 August, 2014
Pierre Lemaitre Irène31 July, 2014
Lauren BeukesBroken Monsters31 July, 2014
Garry DisherBitter Wash Road31 July, 2014
Terry StiastnyActs of Omission31 July, 2014
Yannick MurphyThis is the Water31 July, 2014
Chris CarterAn Evil Mind31 July, 2014
Andreas NormanInto a Raging Blaze29 July, 2014
Maurizio de Giovanni The Crocodile24 July, 2014
Leigh RussellFatal Act24 July, 2014
Andrew MartinThe Baghdad Railway Club22 July, 2014
P.J. TracyTwo Evils22 July, 2014
Sam AlexanderCarnal Acts22 July, 2014
Paul MendlesonThe First Rule of Survival22 July, 2014
Brian FreemanSeason of Fear14 July, 2014
Patrick LeeRunner04 July, 2014
Owen LaukkanenThe Professionals03 July, 2014
Robert StoneDeath of the Black-haired Girl03 July, 2014
Stephen BatesThe Poisoner03 July, 2014
Saskia SarginsonWithout You03 July, 2014
Paul DoironThe Bone Orchard02 July, 2014
Mark O'SullivanSleeping Dogs24 June, 2014
Julia CrouchThe Long Fall19 June, 2014
Gilles PételUnder the Channel18 June, 2014
Edney SilvestreIf I Close My Eyes Now17 June, 2014
Adam CreedKiss and Tell17 June, 2014
Jason WebsterBlood Med17 June, 2014
Erin KellyThe Ties That Bind13 June, 2014
Craig RobertsonLast Refuge12 June, 2014
Alan FurstMidnight in Europe12 June, 2014
Barry ForshawEuro Noir12 June, 2014
Alan BradleyThe Dead in their Vaulted Arches12 June, 2014
Imogen RobertsonTheft of Life12 June, 2014
Tom HarperZodiac Station12 June, 2014
Stephen KingMr. Mercedes12 June, 2014
Helen GiltrowThe Distance12 June, 2014
Stephen KiernanThe Curiosity12 June, 2014
S.J. BoltonA Dark and Twisted Tide06 June, 2014
Hans Olav LahlumThe Human Flies05 June, 2014
Stephen TaltyHangman04 June, 2014
Richard ComptonHELL'S GATE29 May, 2014
John HarveyDARKNESS, DARKNESS22 May, 2014
Mark BillinghamTHE BONES BENEATH22 May, 2014
Jeremy DunsDEAD DROP22 May, 2014
Matthew QuirkTHE DIRECTIVE21 May, 2014
Edward WilsonTHE WHITEHALL MANDARIN21 May, 2014
Anita NairA CUT-LIKE WOUND15 May, 2014
Ray CelstinTHE AXEMAN'S JAZZ14 May, 2014
Jake WoodhouseAFTER THE SILENCE14 May, 2014
John SandfordFIELD OF PREY14 May, 2014
Adam CreedKILL AND TELL14 May, 2014
Lindsey DavisENEMIES AT HOME14 May, 2014
Amanda JenningsTHE JUDAS SCAR13 May, 2014
Mason CrossTHE KILLING SEASON08 May, 2014
Alex HowardTIME TO DIE08 May, 2014
M.J. ArlidgeEENY MEENY08 May, 2014
Mo HayderWOLF07 May, 2014
John ConnollyTHE WOLF IN WINTER07 May, 2014
Michael RidpathSEA OF STONE01 May, 2014
Gordon FerrisGALLOWGLASS29 April, 2014
Jo NesboTHE SON29 April, 2014
Nicci FrenchTHURSDAY'S CHILDREN29 April, 2014
Louise WelshA LOVELY WAY TO BURN29 April, 2014
Mike RipleyMr CAMPION'S FAREWELL21 April, 2014
Cath StancliffeLETTERS TO MY DAUGHTER'S KILLER17 April, 2014
Alex GrayTHE BIRD THAT DID NOT SING16 April, 2014
Liad ShohamLINE UP16 April, 2014
Rene DenfieldTHE ENCHANTED16 April, 2014
Oliver TrucFORTY DAYS WITHOUT SHADOW16 April, 2014
Anna JaquieryTHE LYING DOWN ROOM10 April, 2014
Harlan CobenMISSING YOU10 April, 2014
Camilla LackbergBURIED ANGELS10 April, 2014
Claire McGowanDEAD GROUND10 April, 2014
C.J. BoxSTONE COLD04 April, 2014
Lesley ThomsonGHOST GIRL04 April, 2014
Mari JungstedtDOUBLE SILENCE31 March, 2014
Emma KavanaghFALLING27 March, 2014
Antonia HodgsonTHE DEVIL IN THE MARSHALSEA27 March, 2014
Marcus SedgwickA LOVE LIKE BLOOD27 March, 2014
Anya LipskaDEATH CAN'T TAKE A JOKE27 March, 2014
Lee Jung-myungTHE INVESTIGATION27 March, 2014
Karen PerryTHE BOY THAT NEVER WAS27 March, 2014
Louise DoughtyAPPLE TREE YARD21 March, 2014
Zane LovittTHE MIDNIGHT PROMISE20 March, 2014
Mick ScullyTHE NORWAY ROOM13 March, 2014
Paula DalyKEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE13 March, 2014
Tom VowlerTHAT DARK REMEMBERED DAY13 March, 2014
Michael MarshallWE ARE HERE13 March, 2014
Shuichi YoshidaPARADE11 March, 2014
Margie OrfordWATER MUSIC06 March, 2014
Donna LeonTHE GOLDEN EGG06 March, 2014
Alex BerensonTHE COUNTERFEIT AGENT06 March, 2014
R.N. MorrisTHE DARK PALACE05 March, 2014
Parker BilalTHE GHOST RUNNER04 March, 2014
James CraigA MAN OF SORROWS04 March, 2014
Hans KoppelYOU'RE MINE NOW04 March, 2014
Frei BettoHOTEL BRASIL: The Mystery of the Severed Heads03 March, 2014
Sophie Loubiere THE STONE BOY27 February, 2014
Benjamin BlackTHE BLACK-EYED BLONDE27 February, 2014
Mark SennenCUT DEAD27 February, 2014
James OswaldTHE HANGMAN'S SONG27 February, 2014
Sarah HilarySOMEONE ELSE'S SKIN27 February, 2014
Peter SwansonTHE GIRL WITH A CLOCK FOR A HEART26 February, 2014
Ann CleevesHARBOUR STREET21 February, 2014
Gerald SeymourTHE CORPORAL'S WIFE13 February, 2014
John DufresneNO REGRETS, COYOTE13 February, 2014
Jennie RooneyRED JOAN11 February, 2014
Kim CopperTHE KEPT GIRL11 February, 2014
Susanna GregoryMURDER ON HIGH HOLBORN07 February, 2014
Robert BaileyTHE PROFESSOR06 February, 2014
Simon BeckettSTONE BRUISES06 February, 2014
Adrian McKintyIN THE MORNING I'LL BE GONE06 February, 2014
Thomas EngerSCARRED06 February, 2014
Penny HancockTHE DARKENING HOUR06 February, 2014
Elly GriffithsTHE OUTCAST DEAD06 February, 2014
Elisabeth EloNORTH OF BOSTON01 February, 2014
David WishartSOLID CITIZENS30 January, 2014
Jo NesboCOCKROACHES30 January, 2014
David MarkORIGINAL SKIN30 January, 2014
Matthew ReillyTHE TOURNAMENT30 January, 2014
George PelecanosTHE DOUBLE30 January, 2014
Peter MayENTRY ISLAND30 January, 2014
Nick StoneTHE VERDICT23 January, 2014
Paul GarnierThe A2622 January, 2014
Adam SternberghSHOVEL READY21 January, 2014
Sophia TobinTHE SILVERSMITH'S WIFE16 January, 2014
Mel SherrattWATCHING OVER YOU16 January, 2014
Eva DolanLONG WAY HOME16 January, 2014
Luke DelaneyTHE KEEPER16 January, 2014
David JacksonMARKED16 January, 2014
Stuart MacBrideSONG FOR THE DYING16 January, 2014
Neil WhiteNEXT TO DIE16 January, 2014
Ray RobinsonJAWBONE LAKE13 January, 2014
Sheila LoweWHAT SHE SAW07 January, 2014
David ThorneEAST OF INNOCENCE07 January, 2014
Belinda BauerRUBBERNECKER02 January, 2014
Reggie NadelsonMANHATTAN 6202 January, 2014
Ed ChattertonDOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN24 December, 2013
John ConnollyTHE WRATH OF ANGELS16 December, 2013
Ann GrangerBRICKS AND MORTALITY05 December, 2013
Jill Paton WalshTHE LATE SCHOLAR05 December, 2013
Luca VesteDEAD GONE05 December, 2013
Max KinningsSCARIFICE28 November, 2013
Max KinningsBAPTISM28 November, 2013
Brian McGillowayHURT28 November, 2013
R.T. CampbellThe Death Cap27 November, 2013
Mavis Doriel HayTHE SANTA KLAUS MURDER27 November, 2013
M G GardinerTHE SHADOW TRACER27 November, 2013
Ian RankinSAINTS OF THE SHADOW BIBLE22 November, 2013