In a Dark, Dark Wood

Written by Ruth Ware

Review written by Maureen Carlyle

In a Dark, Dark Wood
Harvil Secker
RRP: £12.99
Released: July 30, 2015

Leonora Shaw is a crime writer.  Ten years ago, following the breakup of a young love affair, she left a school in which up to then she had been very happy, lost touch with all her school friends and now lives alone in a small flat in Hackney, in which she devotes her entire time to writing.  Her only relaxation is her daily running, at which she excels.


Then, out of the blue, she receives an e-mail inviting her to the hen party of Clare, who had been her best friend throughout her entire time at school, and whom she had loved and admired in equal measure.  The party is to be held in a house situated in the middle of Kielder Forest in Northumberland.  The invitation comes from Flo, who now claims to be Clare's best friend.  Nora – which is the shortened form of her name by which she is now known - initially decides to ignore the invitation, but out of curiosity reads the names of the other people invited.  She only knows one of them, another former school friend called Nina.  She decides to do no more about it, but then receives an e-mail from Nina, suggesting that they go together.  Reluctantly, Nora agrees, pushing the event to the back of her mind, thinking that November is still some time away.


Of course time moves on all too quickly, and on the appointed day Nora and Nina, six feet tall, reckless and great fun, drive down a bumpy forest track to an amazing modern house , fronted entirely in glass.  The door opens and a blonde girl steps out to welcome them.  Nora initially thinks she is Clare, but quickly realises she is a Clare look-alike, lacking both Clare's beauty and personality.  She introduces herself as Flo.  The house is her aunt's holiday home.  Flo has evidently worked out a detailed timetable for the entire weekend, which is to be strictly adhered to.  Nora's heart sinks.  Soon the few guests are assembled – Nora, Nina, Melanie, a young married woman who has left her baby in the care of her husband for the first time, and Clare herself, as beautiful and charming as ever.


The programme begins with a pizza supper, a silly game and the consumption of a great deal of alcohol.  The next day, when there is to be clay pigeon shooting and a séance, sounds even worse.  Nora has noticed uneasily that there is a rifle hanging on the wall,but Flo assures her that it is only loaded with blanks to frighten the marauding rabbits.  It is on the second day Nora learns that Clare's fiance is her young lover from ten years ago, James.


Ruth Wall's skill is in the way she tells the story, narrated by Nora.  The action shifts forwards and backwards in time, gradually revealing much more about Nora's past and her reasons for quitting her former life so completely, and leading to a tragic and terrifying denouement.  The five young women are completely believable, and the strange house and its chilly forest background exceptionally well described.

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